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APPROVAL DATE: 04/20/2000

Interviews, investigates, and prepares reports with recommendations to the courts on persons charged with committing a felony who have requested a pretrial release on their own recognizance and reviews reports/criminal history information.

Positions allocable to this class report to a Senior Investigator, Pretrial Services, Probation and may be assigned to programs such as Bail Deviation, Own Recognizance, Pretrial Supervision, Electronic Monitoring, Early Disposition, or Drug Court. This class, under general supervision, interviews, investigates and prepares reports with recommendations to the court on persons charged with committing a felony, who have requested pretrial release on their own recognizance and reviews reports/criminal history information on persons who are being considered for a release from custody on electronic monitoring or persons who may receive expedited disposition of their case.

Interviews persons in custody to verify information on applications for release from custody and develops investigatory leads, as well as, provides support for quality assurance of investigation/assessments.

Investigates and evaluates information pertinent to the probability of the person in custody appearing in court when reordered if released on own recognizance.

Provides release and emergency coverage at various courthouses in order to provide court reports for daily arraignments.

Reviews reports for accuracy and quality assurance on defendants' suitability for release from custody on Electronic Monitoring.

Reviews and ensures accuracy of criminal history information on defendants who are being considered for an early disposition of their case.

Contacts family members, attorneys, employers and references to determine veracity of defendant's statements, general reputation, character, community, and family ties.

Confers with defense attorneys, deputy district attorneys, probation and parole officers, public assistance personnel, and law enforcement organizations to obtain information pertinent to a release decision.

Accesses multiple systems, reviews, and interprets defendant's criminal history information to ensure that accurate and complete information is provided to the courts in a timely manner.

Prepares written reports on investigative findings which are submitted to the court.

Testifies in open court as to investigative findings when directed.

Performs other investigative or pretrial program support duties as may be required.


Graduation from an accredited college with a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice; judicial or public administration; behavioral or social science -AND- One year's experience at the level of Los Angeles County's class of Senior Investigator Aid, Probation organizing and assigning work as a team leader over a group of Investigator Aids -or- two years' experience at the level of Los Angeles County's class of Investigator Aid, Probation or higher performing the more routine investigative activities -or- two years' experience performing investigations in one or more of the following capacities: probation, parole, law enforcement or social work. Two additional years of experience in any one of the the three options may be substituted for the Bachelor's degree.

A valid California Class C Driver License or the ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation when needed to carry out job-related essential functions.

2 - Light.