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APPROVAL DATE: 08/19/2002

Investigates appeals and complaints concerning County-administered State public assistance or Child Support Services programs for which a State hearing has been requested.

Positions allocable to this class are located in either the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) or the Child Support Services Department (CSSD). In DPSS positions report to a Supervising Appeals Hearing Specialist and in CSSD positions usually report to an Attorney, Child Support Services. Positions in this class have responsibility for the review and handling of appeals submitted to the State of public assistance and child support services cases. They review and analyze case records, related case documents, and pertinent State and Federal regulations to determine the appropriateness of case actions, resolve dispute, or prepare and present the County's position at State conducted hearings. Incumbents must perform independent research and examination of appeals case files and be able to apply established rules, policies and procedures to individual appeals.

Reviews case records and related documents, with particular reference to issues under appeal, to determine the County's course of action on State hearing cases.

Interviews appropriate DPSS or CSSD staff, appellants, attorneys, and authorized representatives of appellants to obtain information and clarify departmental actions pertinent to cases.

Evaluates all data associated with appeals to determine compliance or exception to applicable statutes, regulations, and policies and, when appropriate, attempts to resolve cases without a hearing.

Recommends remedies, including possible adjustments or stipulations, to resolve appeals, and presents recommendations to district and regional administrative staff.

Interprets applicable laws, regulations and policies to departmental staff to correct inappropriate or erroneous actions or inactions.

Prepares detailed Statement of Position papers for State hearing cases, citing present or past pertinent regulations, court decisions, County policies, and precedents.

Identifies appropriate witnesses and arranges to have subpoenas issued and served.

Presents the County's position at State-conducted hearings including examining witnesses, presenting exhibits, and providing testimony and answering questions of counsel, appellant, or Hearing Officer.

May stipulate to binding agreements on behalf of the County during any step of the hearing process.

Duties specific to the Department of Public Social Services:

Prepares and submits briefs to the California Department of Social Services involving inter-county disagreements regarding residence of applicants or recipients.

Authorizes the restoration of appellant's assistance grant pending the State hearing; instructs district or region to comply with State aid paid pending determinations.

Assesses the impact of unfavorable decisions and recommends requests for rehearing where appropriate.

Interprets State hearing decisions to district and regional staff to facilitate their implementation.

Prepares reports of compliance and non-compliance for the California Department of Social Services.

Performs special assignments associated with appeal resolutions such as collections and retroactive case actions resulting from court decisions.


Three years' experience investigating and determining eligibility in connection with State and/or local public assistance programs at the level of the County of Los Angeles class of Eligibility Worker II or higher.

A valid California Class C Driver License or the ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation when needed to carry out job-related essential functions.

2 - Light.

Speciality / Change Requirements to Read:

Child Support Services
Three years experience performing intake, establishment and/or enforcement for the collection of child support payments or case auditing, performance review or training at the level of Family Support Officer II or higher.