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July 10, 2014  
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APPROVAL DATE: 03/01/2007

In a non-sworn capacity, participates in a basic law enforcement training program at the Sheriff's Training Academy as certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.).

Positions allocable to this trainee class are characterized by participation in a formal law enforcement training program involving both classroom and practical instruction in subjects such as criminal law, evidence and investigation, patrol and traffic procedures, administration of justice, police/community relations and jail custody and operations. Incumbents must possess the ability to assimilate classroom instructions covering a wide variety of academic and technical subjects as well as physical skill and coordination to become proficient in firearm and weaponless defense techniques.

Receives instruction in the interpretation and application of laws contained in various State codes and local ordinances such as the Penal Code, Vehicle Code, Welfare and Institutions Code, and Los Angeles County ordinances.

Receives instruction in basic criminal and traffic accident investigation procedures and techniques, including crime scene preservation, witness interrogation, and evidence collection.

Participates in a firearms training course: learns proper safety procedures, care and use of small arms, as well as, Department regulations and legal limitations upon firearm use.

Receives classroom instruction and makes field observations of patrol procedures: learns radio operation techniques, vehicle stop procedures, and methods of traffic control.

Observes senior peace officers in the performance of various patrol procedures and techniques.


Graduation from an accredited high school* -OR- A General Education Development Credential (GED) -OR- A California High School Proficiency Certificate -OR- Have attained a two-year or four-year degree from an accredited college or university.

*In accordance with the provisions of California Government Code Section 1031(e), accredited high schools are those accredited by certifying organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education and include accredited public and non-public high schools in the United States and accredited United States Department of Defense high schools.

A valid California Class C Driver License is required to perform job-related essential functions.

4 - Arduous.

At least 20 years of age at time of appointment.

Applicant must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship. 

Applicant must be in good general physical condition, free from any medical condition that would interfere with the satisfactory performance of the essential duties of this position.

(1) Acuity - At least 20/70 in each eye without correction, correctable to 20/30 in each eye. Successful soft contact lens wearers are not required to meet the uncorrected standard as long as their corrected vision is 20/30 in each eye.
(2) Color perception - Anything other than minor hue impairment is disqualifying.

There may be no greater than a 25 dB loss in the better ear as averaged over the test frequencies of 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 Hz. There may not be a peak loss at any of the test frequencies greater than:

30 dB at 500 Hz
30 dB at 1000 Hz
40 dB at 2000 Hz
40 dB at 3000 Hz

There may be no greater than a 35 dB loss in the worse ear as averaged over the test frequencies, and no peak loss greater than 45 dB at any of the test frequencies. In the case of a questionable, unusual, or borderline hearing loss, the applicant's record may be reviewed by the Occupational Health Program's Service Consultant for final determination of qualifications.

Although there are no minimum or maximum height requirements, the height-weight relationship of each applicant must either (1) fall within the ranges in the following table or (2) if the applicant's height is not included on the table, be found to be acceptable after individual evaluation. Height measurements are made without shoes. Weight measurements are made without shoes and coat. Applicants whose height falls between any of the measurements shown on the table must meet the requirements of the lower height. Individuals who do not meet the standard shall have their body fat measured. Female candidates whose body fat is 33% or less may be qualified. Male candidates whose body fat is 22% or less may be qualified.

5 ft. 0 in. 110 lbs. to 143 lbs.
5 ft. 1 in. 112 lbs. to 146 lbs.
5 ft. 2 in. 115 lbs. to 149 lbs.
5 ft. 3 in. 118 lbs. to 152 lbs.
5 ft. 4 in. 121 lbs. to 155 lbs.
5 ft. 5 in. 124 lbs. to 158 lbs.
5 ft. 6 in. 128 lbs. to 163 lbs.
5 ft. 7 in. 132 lbs. to 168 lbs.
5 ft. 8 in. 136 lbs. to 173 lbs.
5 ft. 9 in. 140 lbs. to 179 lbs.
5 ft. 10 in. 144 lbs. to 185 lbs.
5 ft. 11 in. 148 lbs. to 191 lbs.
6 ft. 0 in. 152 lbs. to 197 lbs.
6 ft. 1 in. 156 lbs. to 203 lbs.
6 ft. 2 in. 160 lbs. to 209 lbs.
6 ft. 3 in. 164 lbs. to 215 lbs.
6 ft. 4 in. 168 lbs. to 221 lbs.
6 ft. 5 in. 172 lbs. to 227 lbs.
6 ft. 6 in. 176 lbs. to 233 lbs.
6 ft. 7 in. 180 lbs. to 239 lbs.

5 ft. 0 in. 95 lbs. to 129 lbs.
5 ft. 1 in. 98 lbs. to 132 lbs.
5 ft. 2 in. 101 lbs. to 135 lbs.
5 ft. 3 in. 104 lbs. to 138 lbs.
5 ft. 4 in. 107 lbs. to 144 lbs.
5 ft. 5 in. 111 lbs. to 150 lbs.
5 ft. 6 in. 115 lbs. to 156 lbs.
5 ft. 7 in. 119 lbs. to 162 lbs.
5 ft. 8 in. 121 lbs. to 168 lbs.
5 ft. 9 in. 127 lbs. to 174 lbs.
5 ft. 10 in. 131 lbs. to 180 lbs.
5 ft. 11 in. 135 lbs. to 186 lbs.
6 ft. 0 in. 139 lbs. to 192 lbs.
6 ft. 1 in. 143 lbs. to 197 lbs.
6 ft. 2 in. 147 lbs. to 204 lbs.
6 ft. 3 in. 151 lbs. to 210 lbs.
6 ft. 4 in. 155 lbs. to 216 lbs.
6 ft. 5 in. 159 lbs. to 222 lbs.
6 ft. 6 in. 163 lbs. to 228 lbs.
6 ft. 7 in. 167 lbs. to 234 lbs.

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