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Exam TitleDepartmentExam TypeSalary MinSalary MaxBulletin NumberFiling Start Date
PROCUREMENT ASSISTANT IIPublic Library Open Continuous   48702BR 
ELIGIBILITY WORKER IIPublic Social Services Standard $3,080.27$3,816.3648144BR22-Dec-2014
ASSISTANT STAFF ANALYST, HEALTH SERVICES (HOMELESS SERVICES)Health Services Open Continuous 5320.006976.7333700BR16-Dec-2014
CLINICAL SOCIAL WORK SUPERVISOR IIHealth Services Open Continuous 6306.007420.0045043BR22-Dec-2014
CLINICAL NURSING DIRECTOR IIHealth Services Open Continuous 10719.8316225.3448075BR22-Dec-2014
CLINIC PHYSICIAN, M.D.Health Services Open Continuous 94.0094.00865BR26-Mar-2013
ACCOUNTANT IIPublic Health Open Continuous   29730BR 
CONSULTING SPECIALIST, M.D.Health Services Open Continuous 94.0094.00890BR12-Mar-2011
ACCOUNTANT-AUDITORAuditor-Controller Open Continuous $4,454.18$5,242.0040012BR12-Jan-2015
SENIOR HUMAN RELATIONS CONSULTANTCommunity and Senior Services Open Continuous 4761.096244.5540084BR22-Dec-2014
HUMAN RELATIONS CONSULTANTCommunity and Senior Services Open Continuous 4271.185602.0941162BR22-Dec-2014
POWER EQUIPMENT OPERATORBeaches and Harbors Standard 4271.185307.0048238BR22-Dec-2014

There were 12 results.

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